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Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and systems necessary for a country’s economy to function. South Africa’s Electrical Infrastructure is no different and plays a significant role in our daily lives.

Mega Volt Loden Electrical (Pty) Ltd recognizes how crucial a stable electricity supply is to our country and has consequently focused our attention on this area as one of our key services.

Meet the team


Danie van Hengel
Danie van HengelManaging Director
Danie is an experienced businessman with strong entrepreneurial skills. Over the years, he has been the founder and establisher of numerous successful companies in different industries. he is capable to adapt easily to change with a positive outlook. Personal success and empowering other people to be successful is a high priority for him.

As a business leader, he has developed diverse expertise in leadership and business management while always keeping an eye on the future.

Not only is Danie a loving husband and dedicated father but also has a passion and interest in people, the community, nature, and the outdoors.

Paul Bothma
Paul Bothma Director
Paul is a dynamic & ambitious individual with many interests and a variety of skills.

Paul’s attention to detail and incredible ability to execute top quality work through a well-led team is what renders him irreplaceable to our leadership team.

Besides being of great value to the company, Paul has many hidden talents – he won one of Africa’s toughest endurance motorcycle races.

Although work is important, family always comes first for Paul.

Dewald de Wet
Dewald de WetDirector
With 25 years of business management and electrical construction experience, Dewald focuses on the development, implementation, and management of effective business systems.

Well versed and with impeccable people skills, he places the utmost importance on establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, as well as cultivating a company culture that values interpersonal interactions.

Dewald is not all work and no play, at the top of his list is quality family time.

Our Core Values